the sweetest show in town!

About Us

Hello my name is Bula but you can call me  "Sugar mama". I bet your wondering what a fashionable women like myself is doing here. Well let me tell you a little bit more about me  since its quite a sweet story. I have worked in an office for most of my life til one day I get a call from one of my sugar babies that she needs  help in her flower shop part time. So I gathered my bubble wrap & packing popcorn and headed out on a new adventure. I loved that job so much I stayed for 10 years until the day I retired, but good news I've come out of retirement for my  most exciting  adventure yet!!! With the help of a couple of my sweetest sugar babies I am hosting a sweet show called "Hey Sugar Factory" sweet show. I am so excited it will be held at the beautiful Carlsbad Flower Fields at the height of the blooming season. There will be music, kids play ground,photo opps,great vendors and of course lots of sweets for all parts of your life. Sunday  April 7,2019

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Hey Sugar Factory

5704 paseo del norte , carlsbad ca 92008